Sunday, May 2, 2010

Two extra days at home

We just got the word that we are down again today. However, we have received confirmation that we WILL be leaving tomorrow. It may be to operate, or just to meet up with the V2 armada, whereever that may be. Pat did a great job of explaining exactly why it is we haven't jumped after the mess of storms off to the east. Those locations are out of the domain for a reason. And our goal is to collect meaningful data, and if we can't do that, there is no point in operating there.

After our tiring week, I think we all enjoyed having yesterday off. I wanted to share with you some photos from my backyard. Last year I was heartbroken that my flowers didn't bloom until after we had begun V2. This year I was lucky enough to get to see them! I have 6 blooming irises and several more that should bloom soon. And my rose bush is full of blooms. An extra day at home made the difference for me!

Other than that, I enjoyed eating lunch at a new pizza restaurant with Ian and my fellow blogger and roommate Sarah. Then had a nice nap with my two beagles. Then a nice "family dinner" of fried fish and corn and potatoes with Ian, Pat, Sarah, Scott, Brian, and Allison. Today....I think we're catching a Tech baseball game!

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